Bristol Temple Meads to Cardiff Central

Buildings demolished, all that remains is a huge expanse of concrete; a paved field across which two men with briefcases walk briskly side by side, as if ten years late for a meeting.

Cardiff Central to Port Talbot Parkway

A woman clutches a handbag too tightly. A man sleeps with his headphones in, and a half eaten baguette resting on his chest. Somewhere behind me an elderly lady makes an unhelpful phone call.

London Paddington to Oxford

The carriage was cold, bleak, deserted and strewn with rubbish. It was as if it had been used for a touring production of 28 Days Later.

Bristol Temple Meads to Gloucester

When I caught the train home from Bristol, I was beginning to fret that maybe I had been singled out by the train companies as a future employee

Worcester Shrub Hill to Reading

I’m travelling from Worcester to Reading on the Cotswold and Malverns Line or as I feel it ought to be renamed, The Pimms and Picnic Line.