About the author

Glen Wilson was born in 1980s South Yorkshire and raised on a sound Doncastrian diet of coal, brass instruments and thrift.

Now very much in his 30s and still with no idea what he wants to be when he grows up, Glen has sought refuge from unfulfilling day-jobs in the world of under-paid writing, primarily on football. He has contributed pieces for the Guardian and When Saturday Comes, covered Wales at Euro 2016 for ESPN, and is editor of the FSF Award-winning fanzine popular STAND. His twitter parody of the football pundit Andy Townsend led to him being labelled ‘one of football’s greatest satirists’ by the Guardian, though also, and perhaps more tellingly, ‘some clown’ by Andy Townsend.

In an unsuccessful effort to avoid being pigeon-holed as a football writer Glen began penning tales of his experiences on public transport. The series initially found an audience on the website Unionversity under the heading Platform One, before a platform alteration saw them relocated here, on their own dedicated Platform Four.

Glen is currently, and eternally, available for hire.

Selected Personal Achievements:
2000 Doncaster (East) Good Citizen of the Year
2006 UK National Dodgeball Championship Quarter Finalist
2009 Lincoln Sunday Football League Secretary of the Year


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