Newquay to Falmouth Town

The fret hangs heavy over Newquay. A white-out from which the immediate townscape slowly emerges like a developing Polaroid.

London Waterloo to Southampton Central

‘The home of Festival Place’ is how thesigns announce Basingstoke. You look out at the bland new builds and hoardings and admire their optimism.

Matlock to Beeston

On the platform a scrum of winter coats and scarves stand poised to cram into the vacated space like a flipped hourglass.

Leeds to Sheffield

In Barnsley the top of the Metrodome sticks up above the town like a minaret, calling the population to aquarobics.

Derby to Crewe

At the station a ‘Welcome to Blythe Bridge’ sign is somewhat undermined by the shards of broken glass embedded in the wall behind the platform.

Bristol Temple Meads to Cardiff Central

Buildings demolished, all that remains is a huge expanse of concrete; a paved field across which two men with briefcases walk briskly side by side, as if ten years late for a meeting.

Birmingham New Street to Chester

Sited in the middle of nowhere, adjacent to nothing more than a footbridge and a dual carriageway – if this is all there is to central Telford you dread to think how lifeless the suburbs are.

Cardiff Central to Port Talbot Parkway

A woman clutches a handbag too tightly. A man sleeps with his headphones in, and a half eaten baguette resting on his chest. Somewhere behind me an elderly lady makes an unhelpful phone call.